Week 9 Qualitative & Quantitative research

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Quantitive Research is also used to study human behavior in different situations, but in Quantitive Research we don’t concentrate on reasons of the human behavior. Quantitive Research is investigation of something with mathematical approach. example of Quantitive research is Voting in elections for someone and after that the person with highest votes win.

Qualitative Research is used to study human behavior and the reasons behind every action of human behavior in different situations. Qualitative Research put more emphasis on Why and how a decision is made instead of What, where, when. example of Qualitative Research is why someone has voted for particular person.

The difference between Quantitative and Qualitative research is just the way we research. one research approach is look for the reason behind the human behavior and the other looks for the amount of same human behavior no matter what is the reason. and both research methods fall in social science paradigm.

8 different research Methods

Quantitive Research Approaches
1. Survey
2. Econometrics
3. Voting

Qualitative Research Approaches
4. Case Study
5. Grounded Theory
6. Phenomenology
7. Ethnography
8. Historical

Note: There are more research approaches available, these are few i have taken for example.

We are back

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Hey Guys,
i had nice Mid-semester Break
sorry for not posting anything on the blog for so long
now we are back to school
so there will interesting stuff to read every week
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sorry for being away without any information

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