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The video is worth while watching…….. This will be a revolution by Apple……

Week 6 Exercise

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I have found two Academic Research for designing PCBs both the paper focused on the specific Issue of PCB
P Johnston – Journal of Surface Mount Technology, 1996 –

I have found these paper in Google Scholar the Keyword I used is “designing Printed circuit board”

3 reason why i believe these are research papers are
1. Both papers were published in journals.
2. The Abstract of both the papers answer all 3 questions Dr. Clare asked
3. Both papers have most of the components of academic research paper like tittle, abstract, conclusion, introduction and etc….

Did the abstract tell you the three things I said it should?
Yes the Abstract of both paper answers the 3 question you asked….

What seems to be the question(s) they were trying to answer?
First Paper,
What is the layout guide for designing system cards which incorporate ball grid array packages.

Second paper,
The effectiveness of embedded capacitance for reducing power-bus noise in high-speed printed circuit board designs.

Briefly describe the method(s) they used to answer the questions(s)
I don’t know the answer of this question because i haven’t read the paper throughly…..

Did you agree with what they wrote in their conclusion?
Yes i do agree with what they wrote in the conclusion of both papers. But the first paper doesn’t answers the question i identified deeply.

How many references does the paper have?
First paper got none references but that paper have acknowledgement at the end, i don’t know whether it is considered as a reference or not….
Second paper got 6 references.

Briefly describe two things that you learnt from the paper
First paper,
1. I have learnt about the BGA (ball grid arrays). I have seen BGAs before but i didn’t know that these were BGAs. BGA is used By Intel, Nvidia and other companies as well there is picture of a Nvidia card with BGA

2. Wiring patterns can reduces the number of layers in a PCB

Second paper,
1. The physical decoupling capacitors can be embedded on PCB it Self but with proper designing.
2. I haven’t heard about the MCM (multichip module). I learnt about MCM as well from this paper.

Video for area of Interest

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I was looking for the video for designing the PCB(Printed Circuit Board)….. this video is from NexLogic Printed Circuit solutions established in 1995 in USA…… when i was watching the video i saw the pick and place machine used for SMDs(surface mount devices) then i searched for speed then come to know that…. the average speed of Pick and place machine can be from 8000 to 36000 components per hour depending upon the components “its amazing”….

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