Week 5 Exploring my Interest 2

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My interest is in Designing the PCBs for the CPU…… all the CPU is basically PCBs like Mother Board, RAM, Interface Cards, Hard drives and other things…… this topic is right on the edge of IT and falls under the electronics field but when we deal with CPU it still counts as IT….

Things I know about designing PCBs
• I know How to design single layer PCBs
• I know we can design double layer and multi layer PCBs
• I know we can use software for designing PCBs

Things I Believe about Designing PCBs
• Every portable device in the world have at least one in it
• Lots of experiments are going on to shrink the PCBs
• PCBs are the soul of CPU….

Things I don’t Know about Designing PCBs
• I don’t know how many maximum layer can we have for multi layer PCBs
• I don’t know how to mount devices on Multilayer PCBs
• I don’t know how to use the software for designing multilayer PCB
• Can we make a single multilayer PCB or it is supposed to be on large scale?

Week 5 Exploring my Interest

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This week in class we were supposed to choose one topic out of our 2 interest….. and for that I choose Designing Database, after the selection of my topic I was supposed to think about the things i know, things I believe and things i don’t know about this topic…..
when I choose this topic I knew that I don’t know much about that topic, but when i was supposed to answer the above questions i was completely blank nothing was coming in my mind……
After discussion with Clare in class I came to some answers to these questions….. and those are given below:

Things I know about designing Database
• Chen ER is useful for conceptual models
• Using the methodology can help identify errors earlier (E.g. NaLER, CRUD)
• Different software can be used for building the database

Things I believe about designing Database
• I believe databases are useful for the business
• Databases can be huge
• Bad database design is at the heart of many IS(information system) failurest

Things I don’t know about design Database
• I don’t know how to distinguish between bad design and a good design
• Can bad design be “saved”?

But after the class when I am think to find some more knows, beliefs and don’t knows, things I found

Things I know
• I know how to normalize and de-normalize database
• I know how to do data dictionary

Things I believe
• Database can be used to store any information about anything in the world
• Its hard to find errors in huge Databases

Things I don’t know
when it come to identify don’t knows I feel like I am in the zone of unconscious incompetence….. don’t know what I don’t know…… so I have decided to research on my other topic i.e. Designing PCBs…. some how i’ll try to look for both the topics side by side……
I got some questions while I was writing this, I think that falls under things I don’t know
• How much does it cost to design a database?
• Is it worth to design and build the database for Small Scale Business?
• How to maintain a database?

Conscious and Unconscious

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On last Thursday Clare has shown us the diagram with 4 zone a person can fall in if we think about a topic the diagram is shown below:-

In this diagram the conscious zone is green ans the unconscious zone is red…..
both the colours represent something….. i.e. if I want to research on something I should be in green zone but if I am in red zone then I’ll not be able to research on that topic……

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