Week 4 Identifying Interests

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Well about my interests, as I used to be an Electronics Engineer in India my interest is IT is towards the Hardware as I used to study about SMDs (Surface Mount Devices), PCBs (Printed Circuit Board) and other hardware I used to assemble PCs as well for my friends and me in India…… one of my interest is about computer hardware architecture. and as the systems getting compact these days it is amazing 🙂 using multi layer PCBs and ICs (Integrated Chip) it just interests me a lot…..
I found these two papers for it and these papers are showing more of the logical stuff using Digital Electronics you can have a look at it…….. and I agree with this fact as well that to make a practical thing we have to make it work logically first………


And my second interest is in Database…. I like the fact in database that all the data is saved in a back end database and we can access all that data from any of authorized computer. and we access the same data on different computer at same time….. I like the database designing more than using the database….. one thing more I think NaLER is the best thing that happened with database when we were using NaLER on our database we figure out many errors……
and now a days database is just like a part of our life…… every business use database to maintain their records, every supermarket use the database to store the prices of different items. database made the life very easy…… I am not an expert with database but I want to learn it….. because as i am learning about it I am getting more involved with it….

when i started finding academic paper for database i was confused that what type of paper should I link my post with because there are lots of things involved in it as you guys already know….. i was to post the link about the NaLER, but you guys have already seen that paper as Dr. Clare is the author…. but i’ll still post the link for that and one other paper’s link…..

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