Week 1 Q&A

February 28, 2010 at 3:27 PM | Posted in Q&A | 2 Comments
  • Why are you doing this class?

First of all i am doing this class  Because of “Clare”…. what a wonderful teacher she is…. I like her way of teaching…

Secondly i choose this class because i am going to do my project next semester….. so this course will be beneficial for me….

  • What are you hoping to learn?

I am hoping to research the research deeply…..

  • What do you think ‘research’ is?

According me -> Research is “Re – Search ” the search done by someone else……

According to Wikipedia -> Research can be defined as the search for knowledge or any systematic investigation to establish facts

  • What is plagiarism? Why is it important to avoid it?

Plagiarism is copying someone else work and clamming that its your work….

It is very important to avoid plagiarism because if you copied someone else’s work you’ll not learn anything and the person who have done all work, spent his time to do the work will not get the credit for it and its not worth according to me…..

On a funny Note i have read something on web i can’t remember where

Difference between Research and Plagiarism?

Stealing one person’s work is called Plagiarism and Stealing many person Work is called Research….. 🙂

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