Sixth sense device

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Pranav Mistry inventor of sixth sense… he is an indian guy studied at MIT, US
this his debut on with his invention…..
some of you must have seen this video but i think this video must be worth while putting on the blog….

Week 10

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This week we didn’t have to answer any Questions and didn’t have to find meanings for anything….. basically we do nothing officially but as we are IT students we have to do heaps of stuff unofficially (Back-end Work)…. 🙂

This week i was looking for Acadamic paper for part 2 of assignment 2, here is the link for my academic paper

here is another video related to my area of Interest

We are back

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Hey Guys,
i had nice Mid-semester Break
sorry for not posting anything on the blog for so long
now we are back to school
so there will interesting stuff to read every week
hopefully everyone will enjoy reading what i am posting on the Blog….. 🙂
sorry for being away without any information

Link for the academic paper used for the Assessment 1 is

Video for area of Interest

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I was looking for the video for designing the PCB(Printed Circuit Board)….. this video is from NexLogic Printed Circuit solutions established in 1995 in USA…… when i was watching the video i saw the pick and place machine used for SMDs(surface mount devices) then i searched for speed then come to know that…. the average speed of Pick and place machine can be from 8000 to 36000 components per hour depending upon the components “its amazing”….

Conscious and Unconscious

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On last Thursday Clare has shown us the diagram with 4 zone a person can fall in if we think about a topic the diagram is shown below:-

In this diagram the conscious zone is green ans the unconscious zone is red…..
both the colours represent something….. i.e. if I want to research on something I should be in green zone but if I am in red zone then I’ll not be able to research on that topic……


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Einstein: – “Reality is an illusion, all be it a very persistent one”
Anais Nin: – “we don’t see things as they are; we see things as we are”

According to Clare both the above quotes are same its just the matter of saying this in a different way…. but as Clare say i am not supposed to agree with her all the time…. what i think is both quotes are saying different things…..
the first quote is about the reality and it is true that reality is an illusion but this illusion is same for every body; whereas if we talk about the second quotes, this talks about the individual person’s way of thinking and way of seeing things as they are just like the personal belief as i talked about in my pervious post…. and in short “IT DEPENDS“…lol

there are 2 more quotes I like…
Edwin Armstrong: – “It ain’t ignorance that causes all the trouble in this world. It’s the things people know that ain’t so.”

Thomas A. Edison: – “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Personal Belief and Facts

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what i understand from this is diagram, personal beliefs are on which an individual person believes no matter what is the reason, its like individual opinions and their can be different reasons for each person belief it can be the emotions, experience or evidence.

Facts are the already proven beliefs which have evidence for it!!!! and facts are not based upon emotions…..

In this world their will be as many personal belief as many persons exist in this world….
If we talk about facts, Facts will be limited in numbers and every person in this world believe on facts…..

Research Paradigm

March 4, 2010 at 1:13 PM | Posted in Stuff, Useful Info | 8 Comments

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