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May 26, 2010 at 3:04 PM | Posted in Proposal Prep | 10 Comments

Sorry guys i was not able to put anything on the blog last week as i was busy with some other stuff…

Well for my project, there were 2-3 topics coming in my mind
1. SQL Services Volunteer project
2. TALOS volunteer project
3. Something on PCB

For my first idea for project SQL Services Volunteer project, it was a bad luck for me that they just pulled the project off… 😦

For my second Idea of project TALOS project, this project is just been started they got privacy policy agreement and there will some confidential information in it which is not be shared out side the TALOS team. and right now i don’t know on which part of TALOS i’ll be working on so i can’t right the project proposal for this one right now, but i’ll consider this to be my project next semester hopefully but i am not sure yet.

For my third idea of project about PCB is I want to compare the legal softwares and open source softwares for designing the PCBs…. right now i haven’t decided which software i’ll be considering for that…. i have researched much about it….

so for writing the research proposal for RES300 i’ll be considering my last two options….. i have to start working on my proposal from today because it is due by 4th June… 🙂


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  1. it seems good thought of your project ,but i have no idea what your are doing here. haha, because i dont know these stuffs. anyway,i believe in you can do it well and hopefully it will be a useful stuffs for your final project.

  2. hey What is PCB? And how would you do your project on this?

    The TALOS thing would be good to use for your project, since it will be alot of work and you have already started with it.

    Look forward to seeing what you go ahead and do. Good luck

    • Hey lavana, seems like you been to my blog after a long time…. as i was doing my academic papers on PCB i.e. Printed Circuit board… i have posted lots of thing about PCB…..

      and yea i agree with you TALOS is good for project work….. thats what i was thinking to my project on… but right now we are having our meetings after a week to discuss things… so it would not be appropriate to write a proposal without any knowledge of what will be my part in that and what i am going to do… so for the assignment i will be writing proposal on PCB….

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  7. thanks all of you guys….. I’ll try to keep it up…..

  8. Hah am I literally the first reply to this awesome post?!?

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