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The video is worth while watching…….. This will be a revolution by Apple……

Week 6 Exercise

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I have found two Academic Research for designing PCBs both the paper focused on the specific Issue of PCB
P Johnston – Journal of Surface Mount Technology, 1996 –

I have found these paper in Google Scholar the Keyword I used is “designing Printed circuit board”

3 reason why i believe these are research papers are
1. Both papers were published in journals.
2. The Abstract of both the papers answer all 3 questions Dr. Clare asked
3. Both papers have most of the components of academic research paper like tittle, abstract, conclusion, introduction and etc….

Did the abstract tell you the three things I said it should?
Yes the Abstract of both paper answers the 3 question you asked….

What seems to be the question(s) they were trying to answer?
First Paper,
What is the layout guide for designing system cards which incorporate ball grid array packages.

Second paper,
The effectiveness of embedded capacitance for reducing power-bus noise in high-speed printed circuit board designs.

Briefly describe the method(s) they used to answer the questions(s)
I don’t know the answer of this question because i haven’t read the paper throughly…..

Did you agree with what they wrote in their conclusion?
Yes i do agree with what they wrote in the conclusion of both papers. But the first paper doesn’t answers the question i identified deeply.

How many references does the paper have?
First paper got none references but that paper have acknowledgement at the end, i don’t know whether it is considered as a reference or not….
Second paper got 6 references.

Briefly describe two things that you learnt from the paper
First paper,
1. I have learnt about the BGA (ball grid arrays). I have seen BGAs before but i didn’t know that these were BGAs. BGA is used By Intel, Nvidia and other companies as well there is picture of a Nvidia card with BGA

2. Wiring patterns can reduces the number of layers in a PCB

Second paper,
1. The physical decoupling capacitors can be embedded on PCB it Self but with proper designing.
2. I haven’t heard about the MCM (multichip module). I learnt about MCM as well from this paper.

Video for area of Interest

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I was looking for the video for designing the PCB(Printed Circuit Board)….. this video is from NexLogic Printed Circuit solutions established in 1995 in USA…… when i was watching the video i saw the pick and place machine used for SMDs(surface mount devices) then i searched for speed then come to know that…. the average speed of Pick and place machine can be from 8000 to 36000 components per hour depending upon the components “its amazing”….

Week 5 Exploring my Interest 2

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My interest is in Designing the PCBs for the CPU…… all the CPU is basically PCBs like Mother Board, RAM, Interface Cards, Hard drives and other things…… this topic is right on the edge of IT and falls under the electronics field but when we deal with CPU it still counts as IT….

Things I know about designing PCBs
• I know How to design single layer PCBs
• I know we can design double layer and multi layer PCBs
• I know we can use software for designing PCBs

Things I Believe about Designing PCBs
• Every portable device in the world have at least one in it
• Lots of experiments are going on to shrink the PCBs
• PCBs are the soul of CPU….

Things I don’t Know about Designing PCBs
• I don’t know how many maximum layer can we have for multi layer PCBs
• I don’t know how to mount devices on Multilayer PCBs
• I don’t know how to use the software for designing multilayer PCB
• Can we make a single multilayer PCB or it is supposed to be on large scale?

Week 5 Exploring my Interest

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This week in class we were supposed to choose one topic out of our 2 interest….. and for that I choose Designing Database, after the selection of my topic I was supposed to think about the things i know, things I believe and things i don’t know about this topic…..
when I choose this topic I knew that I don’t know much about that topic, but when i was supposed to answer the above questions i was completely blank nothing was coming in my mind……
After discussion with Clare in class I came to some answers to these questions….. and those are given below:

Things I know about designing Database
• Chen ER is useful for conceptual models
• Using the methodology can help identify errors earlier (E.g. NaLER, CRUD)
• Different software can be used for building the database

Things I believe about designing Database
• I believe databases are useful for the business
• Databases can be huge
• Bad database design is at the heart of many IS(information system) failurest

Things I don’t know about design Database
• I don’t know how to distinguish between bad design and a good design
• Can bad design be “saved”?

But after the class when I am think to find some more knows, beliefs and don’t knows, things I found

Things I know
• I know how to normalize and de-normalize database
• I know how to do data dictionary

Things I believe
• Database can be used to store any information about anything in the world
• Its hard to find errors in huge Databases

Things I don’t know
when it come to identify don’t knows I feel like I am in the zone of unconscious incompetence….. don’t know what I don’t know…… so I have decided to research on my other topic i.e. Designing PCBs…. some how i’ll try to look for both the topics side by side……
I got some questions while I was writing this, I think that falls under things I don’t know
• How much does it cost to design a database?
• Is it worth to design and build the database for Small Scale Business?
• How to maintain a database?

Conscious and Unconscious

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On last Thursday Clare has shown us the diagram with 4 zone a person can fall in if we think about a topic the diagram is shown below:-

In this diagram the conscious zone is green ans the unconscious zone is red…..
both the colours represent something….. i.e. if I want to research on something I should be in green zone but if I am in red zone then I’ll not be able to research on that topic……

Week 4 Identifying Interests

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Well about my interests, as I used to be an Electronics Engineer in India my interest is IT is towards the Hardware as I used to study about SMDs (Surface Mount Devices), PCBs (Printed Circuit Board) and other hardware I used to assemble PCs as well for my friends and me in India…… one of my interest is about computer hardware architecture. and as the systems getting compact these days it is amazing 🙂 using multi layer PCBs and ICs (Integrated Chip) it just interests me a lot…..
I found these two papers for it and these papers are showing more of the logical stuff using Digital Electronics you can have a look at it…….. and I agree with this fact as well that to make a practical thing we have to make it work logically first………

And my second interest is in Database…. I like the fact in database that all the data is saved in a back end database and we can access all that data from any of authorized computer. and we access the same data on different computer at same time….. I like the database designing more than using the database….. one thing more I think NaLER is the best thing that happened with database when we were using NaLER on our database we figure out many errors……
and now a days database is just like a part of our life…… every business use database to maintain their records, every supermarket use the database to store the prices of different items. database made the life very easy…… I am not an expert with database but I want to learn it….. because as i am learning about it I am getting more involved with it….

when i started finding academic paper for database i was confused that what type of paper should I link my post with because there are lots of things involved in it as you guys already know….. i was to post the link about the NaLER, but you guys have already seen that paper as Dr. Clare is the author…. but i’ll still post the link for that and one other paper’s link…..
NORMIT: aWeb-Enabled Tutor for Database Normalization

Week 3 Q&A revised

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• Which of these two laptops gives the best performance?
To look for the answer to this question the first thing that comes in mind is to review the Tech reviews……
so i been to google and search for it and then i just gone through some reviews….. after been through the reviews i noticed that the performance of the laptop is totally based upon the hardware used in the laptop…..
This type of research falls under Scientific Paradigm

• Are virtual worlds like Second Life useful for teaching?
To answer this question i would probably used the facts available to support the statement….. facts that support the statement are discover from surveys….. there is an example of survey in Dion’s Post i.e…..

A polytech in Hong Kong has already opened a virtual campus. It has it’s own library, medical centre, teaching hotel, exhibition centre and other educational facilities. Over 800 students have learned from more than 10 subjects in this virtual environment.

• Why don’t many school students (16-18yrs old) choose to study IT at Polytechnic or University?
To find out the answer to this question i’ll use the interview approach….. i would like to interview School students with some particular questions and depending upon the response of the students we can have the reason for why…….

• Which ISP in NZ gives the best value for money?
To find out which ISP in NZ gives the best value for the money…. i’ll go to shops is town and have a close on there present plans and then decide am i getting what i want in good price…..
this approach is the observation approach to answer this question…..

• How do I feel about trying to work with slow internet speeds?
To answer this question i have used Creative arts approach….. by showing my feeling through the picture…

• What are the main security issues associated with ‘cloud computing’
When i first read this question i had no idea what cloud computing is…… then i went to wikipedia and had a look for it…… but to look for the security issues i have to go to the depth of the cloud computing……. this approach is Design (science) Research……

Week 3 Q&A

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Which of these two laptops gives the best performance?
When i first read the question i was confused…. to me its like an incomplete question…. i was thinking that you are asking about the school laptops or the laptops in the market, then i took another look at your post and read it again… then i come to know that its all up to me how i think about the question….

According to if i someone have to figure out which laptop gives the best performance its all depend upon person to person, that what is he/she is looking in the laptop….. It depends upon the occupation and interests of the person as well….

To performance of the laptop depend upon the hardware
– Hard drive
– battery
– I/O port
– motherboard
– Processor
– Graphic card

Are virtual worlds like Second Life useful for teaching?
I agree with this statement that second life are useful for teaching…. here is the video from the unversity of texas about this topic

VIrtual world teaching is more helpful for the long distance student than the full time student…
because when we study second life in school every student can do the same thing at same time because of the bandwidth….

If you ask me, i am not second life person… i love to study in real classes instead of virtual classes…. because when i use to do stuff on second life i was not able to pay much attention…. i use to learn more in class than self study or virtual study…..

Why don’t many school students (16-18yrs old) choose to study IT at Polytechnic or University?
Perfect answer for this question is “IT DEPENDS” on students interests
If you ask me about Indian students most of the 16-18 years students go for Engineering no matter what is the field because they have the evidence in front of them that most of the successful persons are the engineers out of which 75% are the IT engineers….
but for New zealand students i have no idea about 16-18 years students Sorry…

Which ISP in NZ gives the best value for money?
ISP stands for Internet service provider

The two famous ISPs in NZ are Telecom and Vodafone
i have no idea about the there current plans.. but i am using Telecom broadband at home and its working quiet well for i have never experience any problem with the bandwidth or the internet is slow ……. it cost me $60 PM for 40GB that not enough for me but i can’t get plan more than this….. they offered me another deal for the same price unlimited GB but for that i have to compromise with my bandwidth…. so i rejected there offer continue with this plan….

How do I feel about trying to work with slow internet speeds?
I got the perfect picture to show i feel when working with slow internet speed….


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Einstein: – “Reality is an illusion, all be it a very persistent one”
Anais Nin: – “we don’t see things as they are; we see things as we are”

According to Clare both the above quotes are same its just the matter of saying this in a different way…. but as Clare say i am not supposed to agree with her all the time…. what i think is both quotes are saying different things…..
the first quote is about the reality and it is true that reality is an illusion but this illusion is same for every body; whereas if we talk about the second quotes, this talks about the individual person’s way of thinking and way of seeing things as they are just like the personal belief as i talked about in my pervious post…. and in short “IT DEPENDS“…lol

there are 2 more quotes I like…
Edwin Armstrong: – “It ain’t ignorance that causes all the trouble in this world. It’s the things people know that ain’t so.”

Thomas A. Edison: – “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

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